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Bigfoot Changes Name


Bigfoot wants to get a little more “Myth Cred” and develop a little bit more of an urban edge. He's changing his name to “Notorious B-I-G Foot.” You got a problem with that? Well? Do ya? Punk?

THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, USA – Facing increasing competition from other mythological creatures and even an erosion of its myth fan base, Bigfoot is looking to make his image a little more urbane by changing his name – making it sound more hop.

He no longer wants to be called Bigfoot – rather he would like to be known as “Notorious B-I-G Foot,” or just "B-Foot" for short.

Many are not sure of what affect, if any, the changing of Bigfoot's name will have.

San Francisco Bay-area-based Bigfoot hunter, Larry Biscardi, said he's come to no conclusion on whether Bigfoot changing his name will do him any good.

“I thought he was doing pretty well as just Bigfoot,” said Biscardi, who travels anywhere in hope of catching the elusive mythological creature. “I'm not sure what being more urbane or having a little more 'myth cred' will do for him. Who does Bigfoot think he is? P-Diddy?”

Bigfoot appears to be emulating the rapper “Biggie Smalls,” a/k/a The Notorious BIG or known as just "Biggie" by many. Biggie was killed, many believe, as part of an East Coast/West Coast feud amongst gangster rappers.

“I guess if he thinks it makes him sound scarier… Well more power to Bigfoot, er, the Notorious BIG Foot,” Biscardi added. “Personally, I think he could make himself a little more mysterious if he went by something less contrived like simply – BIG. That would make sense.”

Bigfoot could not be reached for comment.

His publicist (yes, Bigfoot now has a publicist) says B-Foot is away in Vegas promoting the release of his upcoming rap CD – "Bigfoot Killaz.”